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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vendor Profile: Weezr's Butters

By: Patrick Miller, Master Gardener

If there is one thing you have to be impressed by, it's her enthusiasm! Enthusiastic about the produce she delivers, and why not? Alex Wieser, owner and creator of Weezr’s Organic Butters is making food with a F.L.O. (Fresh! Made in small batches; Local! Made with as close to home ingredients as possible; and Organic! It’s not just a word! She knows who her farmer is!)

Committed to creating delicious and healthful foods, Alex is a vendor at two markets in Fort Collins, one in Loveland and one in Estes Park. Currently, peanuts, cashews and almonds are what constitute the backbone of her butters, but I can see that changing, with a greater demand for premium quality products, without the big expense. These hand-made nut butters are carefully paired with an agave and honey mixture, dark chocolate, dried fruits, cinnamon or my favorite, coffee.

If you can’t get to a local farmers market, look for her product at local grocery stores like Beavers Market, the Food CO-OP in Fort Collins, Buckwheat Organic Market, Aisle 2 Bakery or Country Supermarket in Estes Park. Go with the F.L.O.!


  1. Thank you Patrick for the great article! It means alot to be selected for a featured local vendor on the Larimer County's website! Can't wait to see you and all at the winter markets!

  2. Good article and helps we find Farmer Market goodness during the off season in Estes Park. As I progress down the Paleo path, I use these butters to bake a lot!

  3. Our chocolates are made with simple, pure ingredients, healthy, delicious. We blend superior raw, organic ingredients and never contain gluten, dairy, soy or processed sugar. Our chocolates are all handcrafted in small batches in Bend, Oregon.